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In Home Personal Training now located in Larchmont!!

Weight loss will be acheived at Mountainfitness by Robert or your money back! In home Personal Training in  Westchester NY has Arrived! 

Ask Yourself...

  • Do you workout for countless hours and still look the same? Are you sick and tired of fad diets that don't work? 
  • Do you want your fitness training to get to the next level? 
  • Do you have those pre-wedding fears of not fitting into your wedding dress? 
  • Are you trying desperately to get back to that pre-pregnancy weight you used to have? 

Stop wasting time and start exercising with Larchmont's own Robert Saladino MS, CSCS Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist and ISSA Certified Personal Trainer.

The secrets of my success can be yours! I lost over 50 pounds, and finally after years of trial and error, I have perfected my functional fitness training methods. I look and feel better now at 30, then I did at 21......I have shed fat and built muscle for dozens of my clients, I WILL HELP YOU DO THE SAME!!!   


I now only offer in house personal training. I will come into the privacy of your own home and teach you the secrets of building muscle and burning fat!

Act now!! Larchmont New York!!

I'm not just a spokesman but I'm also a client... 
I'm living proof that a fitness lifestyle will change the way you think and feel about yourself...I should know that's a perfect example of what limited exercise and too much pasta can do you Rob.jpg yep that's me!
Now take a look at what a perfect example of limited pasta and plenty of my training secrets did for me...

Experience Personal Training that actually works!!!!!!

  • Workouts will be dedicated to your needs and goals. You will have more energy and less fatigue. 
  • You will workout with the newest training equipment on the market that is designed to improve human performance. 
  • You will have your current diet assessed and receive suggestions if necessary, that will not leave you hungry and bored. 
  • If you are an athlete, I offer sport specific training that will improve your game, guaranteed!  
  • You will work muscles you never even knew you had!


My rates are extremely affordable and reasonable.   In fact, if I can't beat all my competitors’ prices,
 I will train you for free! 

This is Your Body... Don’t Settle For UNQUALIFIED TRAINERS  


The truth is not all certifications are equal. You can have the peace of mind and the confidence that I am certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, one of the few certifying agencies that are recognized by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Listen to what the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine has to say about personal training certifications “at the present time, certifications from one or more of the following can be taken as evidence of reliable qualification: American College of Sports Medicine, the American Council on Exercise, the Cooper Clinic, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association , the National Council on Strength and Fitness, and the National Federation of Professional Trainers” – Foster et al. (2008)  

Shocking Survey Reveals: only 38% of the top 100 personal trainers in cities like Miami, NY, Las Vegas, Texas, Boston and Pennsylvania have certifications governed by the NCCA and only 23% graduated from college with a degree related to exercise!   

You have no more excuses!!!  Your transformation is one phone call away. Act now!!! 

"I have finally found the fitness results I have been waiting for! I have less fatigue and increased energy.  The workouts are always exciting and never boring. Prices are almost 50% lower than what most personal trainers ask for, Mountain Fitness by Robert is number one in my book!"   
Lisa D. Lafferty, RN

"I've known Robert for a number of years and have confidence in his abilities as an educator, a motivator and fitness trainer, anybody looking to burn fat, and build muscle, have come to the right place!"  Miguel A. Chavez, M.D.

"A thing does not go wrong because of some perverse fate. It is more than likely that maze.jpgyou lack the proper approach." 
-Norman Vincent Peale
Come, let me be your trainer and I will guide you to achieve the results you have been desperately searching for.



My Specialties:CoretrainingBosu.JPG

  • Weight loss
  • Core strengthening
  • Youth training
  • Elderly training
  • Muscle gain
  • Sports specific
  • Buddy training
  • Fitness buff training
  • Nutritional counseling


My Credentials:

·         National Strength and Conditioning Association, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist: CSCS (most difficult and respectable certification known through out the fitness industry!) Only elite trainers carry this distinction    

·         International Sports Science Association, Certified Personal Trainer: ISSA

·         CPR w/AED

·         M.S. in Kinesiology/Exercise Science end of 2008....


"Some people believe they can't change, not only do they believe they can't change, they don't even try. Then there are the othermountaintop.jpg people, who not only believe they can change, they actually do change” I believe in you... now the question is, do you believe in yourself?




$35/half hour... Think my rates are unfair? Make me an offer.... 

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8 hour notice required prior to cancellation or rescheduling

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