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Counting Calories

So you think counting calories is the real answer behind losing weight? Click on the link above and learn how a few simple guidelines can help you shed those extra pounds!   

Designing Effective Fat Loss Programs; by ISSA

This article was written by the International Sports Science Association and it's a must read for all those who are serious about getting more fit. 

How Not Get Fat: By Listening To A Groundhog And Sumo Wrestler!

So you think you can't learn how to slim down by listening to a groundhog and sumo wrestler, think again! Click on the link above for more details.    

King Protein

If you want to have a successful exercise program, then you need to know how much protein to consume. Click on the link above for more details   

Portion Control

Would you believe that today's portions of our favorite foods are 3 times larger compared to 30 yrs ago! No wonder there is an obesity epidemic in the United Sates! Find out how to portion control your meals by clinking on the link above.     

What you must eat immediately after working out!

So you think you need to give up on your favorite carb foods? Click on the link above to find out why pigging out on bread and pasta after working out can actually help you lose weight.

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