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The Great Dumbbell...

is better than ever!  


Dumbbell Training

If you want more flexibility, strength, and greater range of motion, exercising with a good pair of dumbbells is a wise choice.  

Advantages of Dumbbell Training:

·        Due to the fact that both hands act freely, your body can make slight adjustments when needed to prevent potential injuries.

·        Synergistic and stabilizer muscles (known as helping muscles) have the opportunity to gain greater strength by aiding the agonist (primary mover in muscle contraction) muscles.

·        Dumbbell movements closely resemble the every day neurological patterns of daily living. 

·        Dumbbell exercises can mimic any movement in sports opposed to machines which set the user in a predetermined pattern.

Adjustable dumbbells
have gained popularity in the past couple of years and for good reason, they’re awesome! You simply select the desired weight and presto. Imagine having the ability to have weight increments ranging from 10-90 pounds all in a single pair of dumbbells. The tedious days of trying to make room in your house, for your dumbbells are over! Power Block and  Bowflex's SelectTech are my personal choices.  Now working out at home has never been easier.   bowflexSelecTech.jpg 

Rating: 8 out of 10

"If it hasn't been done it can be done. If someone else has done it, you can do it. But- is it worth it?"
-Mark Capuano

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