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Top 5 Inspirational Sports Stories....

5) Natalie du Toit:

In 2001 Natalie was riding on her motor scooter when she was hit suddenly on the side by a careless driver, causing her to lose her left leg just above the knee. Less than 2 yrs later she qualified for the finals of the 800 meter freestyle at 2002 Common Wealth Games. In 2008 Natalie qualified for both the Paralympic and Olympic games. Amazing! 


4) Randy Couture:

In March of 2007 Randy Couture came out of retirement at age 43 and challenged 27yr old Tim Sylvia for the UFC heavyweight title. The insiders of mixed martial arts(myself included) not only thought Randy didn't have a chance to win but was actually going to get seriously hurt in the process. The result: Randy almost knocked out big Tim 8 seconds into the fight and completely dominated him for all 5 rounds... gives hope to all 30,40, and 50 yr old fitness wanna b's doesn't it!      


3) Bethany Hamiltom:

In 2003 Bethany was attacked by a 14 ft tiger shark which ripped her left arm off just below the shoulder. By the time she reached the hospital she had lost 70% of her blood. She was surfing 3 weeks later and in 2004 received an ESPY award for Best Comeback Athlete of the Year.   

2) Lance Armstrong:

In 1996 Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Doctors told him he had a 10% chance of survival. Lance went on to win his 7th consecutive Tour de France title in 2005... Nuff Said!

1) Derek Redmond and Dad:

 Derek Redmond pulls his hamstring in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and is helped to the finish line by his father. Simply Priceless!! 

"Attitude is contagious is yours worth catching?"   -  Australian Cricket Team Motto


 Training Tips: Michael Johnson, US Sprinter, Multiple Olympic Gold Medalist

1. Dream small: think in small increments: make short term goals

2. Write down your goals: it keeps your goals clear and in focus  

3. Be specific: focus on specific goals

4. Be realistic: you can accomplish most things that you set out to do but it will take time

"Know yourself: find your core, that thing you're chasing. Set goals based on what you really want"

I can't see how anyone after reading and viewing these tremendous stories can make anymore excuses... you can change the way you look and feel... the ball is in your court!  The question is do you really want it?  

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