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Getting Started Series...

Cardio Training 101...

This is a how to approach to learning how to get started in a cardio routine and why such a program is vital to your health.   

The Warm Up: Why and How.

One of the most important aspects of getting a good, safe workout is the warm-up, find out why in this article. 

So Why Exercise In The First Place?

You might be surprised to know it's not all about getting that slim body. Exercising has profound effects on your overall health and can drastically prolong your life. This article is a must read for anybody just starting a fitness program.     

Is There an Ideal Time of Day to Exercise?

 It's one of those fitness questions that gets asked repeatedly. Read this article to find out if there is any difference with the a.m. or p.m. workout. 

Reps, Sets and Rest

Don't know how long to rest between sets? Don't know what a set is?  How much weight to use and for how long? Read this article for a simplified step by step lesson on reps, sets, and rest.    

Home Gym/ Health Club Essentials

Not sure what to look for when joining a health club or making a home gym? Read on to learn how you could save time and money! 

Improve Your Golf Game With Exercise

Golfers who are interested in improving their golf game should jump on the band wagon of exercise. Read this article to find out how a weight resistance program can dramatically increase your score.  

Breaking Plateaus (Part 1)

Things were looking great when you first started working out but recently you haven't made much progress. Read on to find out why? 

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