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Tip of the Month....

The In and Out Workout (July 2009)

Workout in less time and get more results

Cardio: Are you getting too much of a good thing(June 2009)

Although cardio is great for the heart and does burn can actually prevent you from from getting the body you always wanted. 

Warming Up Benefits(May 2009)

It only takes 5 minutes to do and  prevents on to learn more about how, and when to perform a warm-up

5 Reasons Why You're OverTraining(April 2009)

One thing you don't want to do while getting back in shape for the summer is over-train. Read this article to avoid this pitfall.

Take Your Time and Chew Your Food for Better Health (March 2009)

It sounds really easy...just chew your food but most Americans on average only chew 6 times per bite compared to the 30 times most experts say is sufficient for proper digestion. Read on to find out the health problems associated with gulping down your lunch.    

Go Ahead Have Some Chocolate(Feb 2009)

It's Valetine's Day! The time for chocolate, love and antioxidants.....   

Buyer Beware(Jan 2009)

Do you really know what your paying for when buying supplements? Read on and then look on to find out more..  

Laughter the Ultimate Stress Reliever!(December 2008)

In lieu of the terrible tragedy of a Wal-Mart worker getting trampled to death by a mob of shoppers, I thought it only fitting that I would steer away from the diet  and workouts and talk about something everybody posses that can dramatically improve your health.

Five Things not to do... When Trying to Lose Weight(November 2008)

There are many confusing and at times contradictory theories about weight lose. Here are five easy to implement steps that will help you melt away the fat.  

Go Anywhere Fitness Tips (October 2008)

When on the road or on vacation eating healthy and exercising can be problematic. Try these simple and effective tips to do both when away from home. 

Exercise and Fresh Air (Sept 2008)

Exercise need not only be restricted to the health clubs. Read on to discover the importance of delivering fresh oxygen while we workout. 

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