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Home Gym vs. Health Club

homegym.JPGHome Gym vs. Health Clubhealthclubvs.jpg

Hours of operation = Home Gym: You basically make your own hours.

Equipment = Health Club: Most clubs today have a wide array of exercise modalities to choose from.

Availability of Equipment = Home Gym: Even during peak hours all equipment is available.

Music = Home Gym: You control the music and how loud it is!

Convenience/Proximity = Home Gym: Can’t get more convenient then your own home. 

Camaraderie  = Health club: Unless you have a steady partner or your walls talk back to you, the synergy of a good health club is unbeatable.couple.jpg

Relationships = Health Club: You never know who you are going to meet and what kind relationship can transpire in a health club.

Cleaniness = Home Gym:  I’m sure we have all experienced walking up to a machine and discovering someone forgot to take their sweat with them...can you say incurable staff infection...nuff said!  

Winner = Home Gym 

Although home gym on paper may have won, I like to mix it up so I don’t get bored. Two days for my home gym and two for the health club, works for me.  Here’s to your workout              

"You have to be able to recognize the moment, and to act on it, at risk of saying later, that's when it all could have been different, if you're willing to make a harder choice, you can redesign your life"           - Lance Armstrong 

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