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Precor Stretch Trainer


Stretching can improve a person's flexibility (measure of range of motion) by increasing a joint's movement and possibly preventing injury. This is accomplished by increasing the elasticity of the muscles and tendons.  All stretches are not equal and can be performed differently.

Static Stretch: Stretching during a passive movement requires no voluntary muscle action, an external force such as gravity, a partner or machine provides the stretch.

Dynamic Stretch: The person actually stretches themselves here with active muscle movements and no external assistance.

Ballistic Stretch: Requires active muscle movements by having the person use bouncing type movements in which the end position is not held. This type of stretching is not recommended for individuals who have had prior injuries. The bouncing effect negates the relaxation of the muscles found in either static or dynamic stretches. 

Studies show that static stretching improves flexibility greater than dynamic stretching. This is due to the fact that a person's muscles do not posses the mechanical advantage sufficient to stress the joint or ligaments. Most activities and sports require the muscles to stretch beyond their normal capacities. The Precor Stretch Trainer is designed for this very purpose. It takes you beyond your normal limits to improve you performance, whether in the gym or on the field.        

 What about Frequency, Duration, and Intensity of Stretching? 

A general warm-up of about 3-5 minutes should precede any stretching session. Stretching a cold muscle could result in injury. When the muscles are warmed up, stretch for 10 minutes before training and 4-5 minutes after training.  

Although some experts differ on the length of how long each stretch should be held, 30 seconds seem to be what the majority of the studies suggest.  Each stretch should be held with-out any bouncing (ballistic stretching) to the point of mild discomfort but never pain.        

The Precor Stretch Trainer is the best stretching modality I have ever used. Nothing precor3.jpgcompares to it! My back spasms that use to plague my training are almost nonexistent.

The size of the machine is perfect and can fit in any corner of the house.   

It is a little pricey but when you consider the alleviation of pain and chiropractor visits, it's an investment that pays for itself. 

 Rating:  8 out  10

"Everyday becomes a training session for the following day- you get fitter and stronger as the event wears on" -John Maclean 1st wheelchair athlete to finish Hawaiian Iron-man  

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