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Machines vs Dumbbells

  Advantages of Dumbbell Training
  • Due to the fact that both hands act freely, your body can make slight adjustments when needed to prevent potential injuries
  • Synergistic and stabilizer muscles (known as helping muscles) have the opportunity to gain greater strength by aiding the agonist (primary mover in muscle contraction) muscles
  • Dumbbell movements closely resemble the every day neurological patterns of daily living
  • Dumbbell exercises can mimic any movement in sports opposed to machines freeweightcurl.jpgwhich set the user in a predetermined pattern
  • More than one muscle group is always working to move the weight, which adds more muscles mass. The dumbbell shoulder press for example works the shoulder complex but triceps and the upper back muscles are also benefitting from the movement
  • May not seem like much, but the action of carry the weights over to a bench for example can add to the increase in overall strength, opposed to just plotting down and moving weight
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Advantages of Machines machinecurl.jpg

  • Don't have to worry about wasting time when adding or subtracting weight
  • Isolates the targeted muscles in some cases better than free weights
  • Breaks up the workout nicely by adding variety to a program
  • Some machines hit certain muscle areas that are difficult to reach with free weights, pec deck for inner pectorals for example 
  • Injuries may benefit from certain machines over free weights. In the case of a rehabbing torn ACL the leg extension machine is preferred over the barbell squat to prevent atrophy
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Winner = Dumbbell Training

While dumbbell training in most cases is the superior method of training, there really is no right way to train. Any new stimulus whether from a machine or dumbbell will increase strength, power and muscle mass. Remember to always break up the workouts with varying reps, sets and rest periods. This will constantly give new stimulus to the muscles. This can be achieved by adding a little machine training into your dumbbell training. Stay strong and healthy.      

"Remember anything you want that’s valuable requires that you break through some short-term pain in order to gain long term pleasure. If you want a great body, you've got to sculpt that body, which requires breaking through short term pain. Once you've done it enough times, working out becomes pleasurable" - Antony  Robbins




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